The Case of the Missing Black Bucktail

Since it is the season to tie hair jigs, I made my first ever online order for fly tying resources from Flymart in Ontario, Canada. I had heard good things about Flymart online, so I was keen to find a good source of bucktail close to home.

While there were a few glitches with my online ordering, within a few weeks of the order, I had all the bucktail and hair jig tying material I had ordered. Also, due to the “glitches”, Flymart was kind enough to thrown a few customer appreciation items. I was thrilled.

I lined up all my materials on my fly tying desk and went to bed dreaming of tying awesome patterns in the morning with the new bucktail.

When I returned in the morning, I sadly discovered an empty bag on the floor and my new black bucktail missing. What the heck? I figured there could only be one reason: my pets! I spent the next 5 days on the hunt for my new bucktail. I wondered if my dog had eaten it, or perhaps my new kitty had somehow taken it.

I issued a $5 reward to my kids and wife to find the bucktail. This certainly peaked my son’s interest. After a relentless search, he located the bucktail under the stove, right next to all the other today the kitty stashes there.

They mystery was solved. Now back to hair jig tying!