This is the original Kingston Fishing bucktail jig. Heavier and more streamlined than the marabou handmade version, this bucktail jig is modelled after the most successful jig our founder ever used to catch big BC trout. Like the marabou version, this bucktail jig is a reminder to the fish that crime doesn’t pay. Inevitably they don’t listen, and they hit these jigs. Probably because it is the perfect solution when casting into rivers and lakes, classic jig fishing, and twitch jigging. It’s natural feel on the rod as well as excellent casting properties make it a preferred lure for all anglers. The bucktail¬†hair is versatile and will outlast many bait or plastic options. Just cast and fish. The two colours are proven winners for encouraging strikes from bass, salmon, pike, perch, pickerel and many other fish types.


Type: 1 oz swim jig
Material: Red, natural brown, and white bucktail and tinsel flash
Color: Red and white or blue and brown
Swimming Depth: Sinking
Species: Salmon, pike, bass, trout, most panfish

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 5 cm

Blue, Red