Wasps are crazy. They are unpredictable, annoying. and distinctively coloured. Nobody likes ’em, except fish. When a fish sees one, their instinct is to devour this lunatic of the insect world. This hand tied wasp jig is regularly one of our most successful patterns during wasp season. The intentional exaggerated size and carefully selected materials of this wasp creates an irresistible pattern for all species of fish. While fishing, we sometimes just tap the top of the water with this pattern and have fish jumping out of the water at it. We’ve also had success letting it sink down and play the lower zones with the versatile weight of this jig. In clear water, watching fish chase and hit this jig, it a nice revenge. Get to stinging with this hand tied fishing jig to see what we mean!


Black 1/8th oz jig head with coloured eyes
Local Ontario wild turkey tail feather, buck tail
Yellow and black chenille
Hackle tips for wings
Grey dubbing
Black thread

Final product may vary slightly from photo according to availability of materials.


Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 cm