About Kingston Fishing

The founder of Kingston Fishing loves to fish. From fishing the rivers, lakes, and ocean waters of Eastern Australia with his Grandpa, to fishing the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Vancouver, BC, to fly fishing the inland rivers and lakes such as the Columbia River and Kootenay Lake near Nelson, British Columbia, and now to fishing the lakes of south eastern Ontario, as long as there is water, our founder dreams of fishing it.

This website is devoted to passing along information that is relevant to exploring the lakes and waterways of Eastern Ontario and the Kingston area. We want to pass along our fishing experiences and lessons for others to enjoy. We are not fishing guides, and we are not even experts. We are just devoted to sharing the love of fishing with anglers of all ages and abilities and regions.

Also, at Kingston Fishing, we take an original creative approach to creating fishing lures and jigs for fishing. While we pay the utmost attention to detail in our jig tying craft, we tend to lean towards the use of products that we feel out-perform many common plastic bait solutions in durability, environmental friendliness, and attracting the bite of the local targeted fish species. Further, we don’t want to see the shore line and water ways littered with plastics, so we have chosen to design jigs with better materials. We source local handmade materials when possible, use single hooks, and will continue to look for new ways to attract fish using alternative materials.