Fishing Report From The St. Lawrence from Howe Island near Kingston, Ontario, Canada

There were relatively few others fishing in the channel. This guy floated by my dock to try his luck. Photo by: Brian Chard


Fishing from shore and a dock in the Bateaux Channel, St. Lawrence River Seaway, Kingston, Ontario


Day 1 – August 12, 2017

It’s arrival day, and we started fishing at 5pm from our cottage dock. We saw nothing at first. It was windy choppy conditions and a bit disappointing. We spent some time learning and experimenting. We saw nothing on the top of the water, but we noticed little fish attacking our lures off the bottom.

Then, dropping a jig with a Berkley Power Worm to the bottom a bit further out produced a 3.5 pound bass. It hit the jig after reeling down after a jigging motion after it sat on the bottom for numerous bites. I stayed patient. Tried the no hook set technique and just reeled down. Felt like a snag at first, but I just retrieved carefully as to not lose the fish.

Species caught or seen today: large mouth bass, small mouth bass, perch, and goby (invasive species).


Day 2 – August 13, 2017

Land a 4.5 pound pike on a small jig head with a touch of bucktail hair and a white Mr. Twister tail. Caught on top of the drop off and aggressive strike. Solid fight.


Day 3 – August 14, 2017

Our friend Ron comes by and shows us how to cast spoons and “The Cyclops” for pike out deeper from where we were originally casting. He produced a 5 pound pike in the first 10 minutes late in the evening, and then I caught a 6 pound pike on a classic red and white spoon shortly after.


Day 4- August 15, 2017

Today, I caught another 5 pound pike on a 1 oz red and white bucktail jig in the morning. I’m learning the pike aren’t really fussy with presentation as I caught them on a spoon, bucktail jig, and a jig with a Mister Twisty Grub. However, during mid day and early evening, I saw no trace of the fish and didn’t have much luck no matter what I tried.


Fishing report and notes by: Brian Chard