Tungsten Tormentors Two Pack


Like a mayfly that has had too much maple syrup, the Tungsten Tormentors are designed to be quick and pesky. A small tungsten bead head helps this mighty little hand-tied fly zip around and sink quickly. Sold in a pack of two tungsten jigs, these are the smallest fishing jigs in the Kingston Fishing line-up. They weigh less than 1 gram each. The Tungsten Tormentors are very versatile and are effective light fishing terminal tackle. The Tungsten Tormentors are used as the perfect sinking wet fly jig and are an angler’s secret weapon. This fly can be used for fly fishing, attached to a bobber, part of a drop shot rig, or jigged lightly with any fishing rod. The Tungsten Tormentor is made with a super sharp barbless hook, a tungsten bead, contrasting dubbing, local wild turkey tail, a touch of bucktail, and wood duck feathers.


Hook: Barbless Size #8
Jig: Tungsten Bead
Thread: Black
Tail: Wild Turkey Tail Feathers / Bucktail
Abdomen: Dubbing
Wings: Wood Duck Feathers
Species: Trout, bass, perch, and panfish

Quantity: 2

Final product may vary slightly from photo according to availability of materials.